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The Continental #35 ft. Shorty's Swingin' Coconuts w/ CD

The Continental #35 ft. Shorty's Swingin' Coconuts w/ CD

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From Double Crown Records:

Issue #35 of The Continental Magazine features a gorgeous full-color cover designed by Scott Sugiuchi (he did the CD art too!). His inspired illustration work fits perfectly with the bands featured in this issue. This issue is a domestic affair, featuring all US-based bands - Pollo Del Mar, Shorty's Swingin' Coconuts and The Hellbenders. Mel Bergman is back with an article discussing the legendary early 80's California surf combo, The Evasions. PLUS there's tons of music, zine and DVD reviews. 48 pages in all - another HUGE issue! Also, this issue is in FULL COLOR for the very first time. You also get a FREE 26-song CD filled with lots of great surf, instro and garage rock tunes!!!


1. Pollo Del Mar - Surfacing
2. Test Subject 17 - Operation x5000
3. Shorty's Swingin' Coconuts - Sea Nymphs Of Neptune
4. The Atlantics - Fireball Express
5. Secret Agent - Man In The Middle
6. Johnny Astro - Ransom
7. Los Daytonas - The Rat
8. Ben Rogers Instrumental Asylum - I Saw Sputnik
9. Eldanka - Cosy Mementos
10. The Desolate Coast - High Plains Grifter
11. Mark Malibu & The Wasagas - Hellbent For Speed
12. Kitten & The Tonics - Painkiller
13. Little Kahuna - Last Defender
14. The Fintastics - Surfers Anthem
15. The Bloat Floaters - Liberace's Ghost
16. Televisionaries & Les Greene - Airbound
17. Northern Tides - Clay Pigeon
18. The Mermers - The Slow Yet Certain Melting Of The Ice Caps Will Surely Kill Us All
19. The Breakers / The Surf Hermits - Dropping In
20. Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra - Like And Subscribe
21. The Dirty Licks - James Bond Booze Cruise
22. Waikiki Makaki - Lost Diver
23. SpyTones - The 57
24. 7th Grade Girl Fight - City Alive
25. The Aquaholics - Ice Cream Soup
26. OHO - Ahora! Part 2 Edit

CD Mastered by Jonny Browning at Studio Koleman, Surrey BC

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