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The 99ers "And Then There Was Surf" CD

The 99ers "And Then There Was Surf" CD

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What does it sound like when the energy of punk builds into a wave of power and smashes on the shores of melody? The 99ers, that's what. One part Ramones, one part Jan and Dean, and a whole lot of Midwestern attitude, The 99ers have long been wowing audiences with their catchy melodies and short, punchy songs. If you want to know what it would sound like if the Clash morphed with the Beach Boys, or if Blondie had gigged at Santa Monica pier instead of CBGB's, then take a listen to AND THEN THERE WAS SURF! With Molly Holley's vocals riding the crest of the surf, you'll find yourself bopping and beachcombing to 18 tracks of joyful pop punk and shouting Go Surfers!!

1. And Then There Was Surf!
2. Go Surfers!!
3. Pray for Surf
4. Surfers Are Back
5. Anne Hedonia
6. Ron & Jean
7. Heaven Only Knows
8. Surf for Justice
9. Emily
10. Bobblehead
11. California Surfer
12. Blanche Fubar
13. Hey Dee Dee
14. Sweet Two Wheeler
15. Fish & Chips
16. Wahinis Gotta Ride
17. I Love My Shonen Knife
18. Eagles Forever

File under: Surf, Garage, Punk

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