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The Delstroyers "Resurrected" EP

The Delstroyers "Resurrected" EP

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RELEASE DATE: July 26, 2019

Great ‍songs ‍never ‍die; ‍they ‍merely ‍lie ‍beneath ‍the ‍earth, ‍dreaming ‍of ‍the ‍day ‍they ‍will ‍rise ‍again. ‍With ‍“Resurrected“, ‍The ‍Delstroyers ‍have ‍imbued ‍new, ‍unholy ‍life ‍into ‍four ‍such ‍tunes, ‍cloaking ‍them ‍in ‍reverb ‍and ‍fuzz, ‍and ‍summoning ‍them ‍forth ‍to ‍terrify ‍the ‍world

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