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Monster Rally "Castaways, Vol. 2" 2xLP

Monster Rally "Castaways, Vol. 2" 2xLP

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"Castaways Vol. 2" is a double LP collection of four Monster Rally EPs that have never been released on vinyl. They include the brand new Flower Shower EP, MREP, Deep Sea EP and Escape to the Cloud Forest. The collection also includes six extra singles, b-sides and unreleased rarities. Limited "Blue Raspberry" & "Kiwi" colored vinyl, edition of 300.

Side A: "Flower Shower" EP
A Gentle Rain
Swimming in the Lotus Garden
Floating Along a River
Frond Farewell

Side B: "Escape to the Cloud Forest" + Extras
Escape to the Cloud Forest Part 1
Escape to the Cloud Forest Part 2
Capt. Koyake
Ginger on the Wind (Feat. Mira Cook)
Grand Poobah

Side C: "Deep Sea" EP
Siberian Girls
The New Optimism
Chaska Beach
Surf Erie
Kelley's Island (Bonus)

Side D: "MREP"
The Wolf
Moari Mai
Suns Hula
Strange Creeper (Bonus)

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