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The Continental #27 ft. The Surfrajettes w/ CD

The Continental #27 ft. The Surfrajettes w/ CD

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From Double Crown Records:

The Continental Magazine Issue #27 features a full-color cover designed by Scott of Hidden Volume Records (he did the CD art too!). This issue includes an exclusive interview with popular instro-rock combo The Surfrajettes, who have been winning over fans through their shows, festival appearances and YouTube videos. PLUS there's tons of music, zine and DVD reviews. You also get a FREE 21-song CD filled with lots of great surf, instro and garage rock tunes.

CD Tracklisting:

1. El Ray - Hymn To All Rays
2. Martin Cilia - Lost Spaniard
3. Preston Pfanz & The Seaton Sands - The Tingler
4. Black Valley Moon - Skyway To Hell
5. The Hang-Ten Hangmen - Back Alley Rumble
6. Los Freneticos - Last Train To Ozalj
7. TarantinosNYC - You're Gonna Lose That Curl
8. George Westerholm & The Wild Wildcats - Old Motel
9. Teen Cobra - Girl Of Mine
10. The Incredible Sucking Spongies - Barracuda
11. The Greasy Gills - Swamp Meet
12. Underwater Bosses - Basshead
13. Guitar Up! - Strait To Mackinac
14. Danger!! Death Ray - Creepy Tiki
15. HJ - Here Come The Clones
16. Agent Octopus - Avalon
17. The Chewbaccas - Delta 9
18. The Seatopians - Krell Love Theme
19. The Bali Lamas - Tiki Torture
20. OHO - Sacred Money (Don't Win)
21. Thee Husks - Inferno Beach

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