The Charities Launch Documentary Fundraiser

The Charities Launch Documentary Fundraiser

SoCal sweet soul group The Charities has launch a Seed & Spark fundraiser toward their upcoming documentary film, directed by manager Jo Anna Edmison.

"The Charities” film follows the journey of an up-and-coming funk and soul band based in Southern California. As they pour their hearts and souls into their craft, they must confront their own insecurities, ambitions, and the realities of the ever changing music industry. 

Through the lens of their manager & director Edmison, this film will offer a unique twist on the visualization of brotherhood through a woman’s perspective as she helps the band grow and shape their future.

Members of the band grow up throughout the film. We see characters leave the band, lose sight of the vision, and even struggle with substance abuse. With heavy undertones of hardship amidst living under the same roof while the world shut down during the pandemic, they overcome these challenges through their ultimate devotion to music and love for one another.

Boldly merging documentary realism with narrative storytelling, "The Charities" film offers a fresh and innovative take on the timeless tale of a band.

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