Nu-Tone Welcomes Sim Nagai

Nu-Tone Welcomes Sim Nagai

We are thrilled to welcome Brussels-based beatmaker Sim Nagai to Nu-Tone!

Sim’s taste for exotic samples & summery sounds is inspired by his travels - past, present & future. If you enjoy vintage exotica, lounge & instrumental hip hop - or simply transportive music - check out his catalog on Bandcamp, and stay tuned for the first Nu-Tone single “Paradise”, dropping May 28.


Sim began his musical explorations as a journalist writing for Fuzz Magazine, an online electronic music publication. An interview and subsequent beatmaking masterclass with Cold Busted artist Poldoore provided the knowledge & inspiration for Sim's debut album, "Exotica XL."

The name “Sim Nagai” was adopted, inspired by Japanese illustrator Hiroshi Nagai. Sim sensed a tone in the illustrator's drawings that he sought to replicate musically. "His illustrations evoke feelings of leaving, or being on holiday," Sim explains. "Dreamy late night drives and having no worries." This connected Sim to the exotica genre, which transports listeners to leisurely, faraway places. "My music is often inspired by places, some which I've visited myself and others I haven't."

Sim's most recent “Equator Hotline” LP was one of our top albums of 2023.

As we continue to push the boundaries of our label offerings, Sim Nagai’s music is a unique crossover between the Hi-Tide Recordings & Nu-Tone sounds. Enjoy the journey!


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