In Studio With The Charities & Anthony Masino

In Studio With The Charities & Anthony Masino

The Charities banded together while growing up in Southern California, listening to their parents’ 70s records and stealing their bolo ties. They found their own style through the years that’s a mix of soul, r&b, funk, indie, and even pop.

The band moved into a ranch in San Luis Obispo County in 2019, which became their home for four years. The rooms were filled with love, heartbreak and family.

Since 2022, the band has run in the same circles as Penrose Records artists Thee Sacred Souls, Thee Sinseers and The Altons, which has pushed them into a whole new sound.

The debut 45 was produced, arranged & co-written by Anthony Masino at Penrose Studio in Riverside, California, which was created by Gabe Roth from Daptone Records. See below for a gallery of photos from the summer 2023 session. 

“Bring Your Love” is about finding the courage to share how you truly feel for a lover. Its melancholy, minor tone and upbeat tempo reflect that anxious feeling when you’re about to be vulnerable. The track draws influence from old soul music, but has an unmistakably new & fresh sound.

Released coinciding with a tour supporting Thee Sinseers & The Altons in early 2024, the first pressing of the 45 sold out before the street date, and has already become a cherished piece for collectors. The silver-label second pressing is now shipping from Nu-Tone - 400 in random color, 100 in classic black, pressed by Gotta Groove Records in Cleveland, Ohio.

Stay tuned for new music from The Charities & Anthony Masino coming summer 2024.


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